Services We Offer

Services We Offer 

The Services We Offer At Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre are listed below, however, do approach us for other problems we may have a solution for them also.

Counselling & Psychotherapy – Emotional well being
We know that when people have problems, talking helps – but at Counselling and Psychotherapy we do more than just listen.  We reflect, explore, support, validate, challenge and make connections. We find patterns and with understanding of you and what works for other people, we work together for a happier you. We work with you be it work stress, anxiety,  depression or divorce.

Growth and development
We assist in the well being of the clients through stress management, time management and self healing techniques.

EAP Employee Assistance Program
We offer EAP to organisations and ensure that their staff is free from work-life stressors, family issues, financial concerns, relationship problems, and even drug or legal concerns. It may be offered to both employees and their families to help workers remain productive at work.

For Organisations who believe in taking care of their most valued asset, we offer counselling on a one to one basis and training for their staff. Be it a short training program or a long term intervention we consistently deliver value based programs and consistently receive excellent feedback. Our entire range of training programs are tailor made to suit your organisation and cadre from staff to managers.

Relationship Issues
Effective solutions are suggested for all relationship issues be it Father son, mother daughter, husband wife, siblings – the entire range of family issues.

Academic Counselling
At Counselling and Psychotherapy we realize that students today are stressed and need help to beat performance anxiety and boost their learning abilities. They need guidance in the course they will be best suited to and the career path they need to take to succeed. We skillfully take care of all these needs and much more.

There are times when there is a block in your life and you just cannot seem to move forward at Counselling and Psychotherapy we suggest solutions and help you work your way through them.

Psychometric tests
A range of psychometric tests are provided and effectively carried out and the results explained in the simplest of method. Then corrective methods are suggested if needed.

DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test)