DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test)

Who should take this DMIT test?

DMIT will help the Youngsters about to enter Plus 2 it will help to decide which group they need to take.

DMIT is a must for Teen age entering college must decide which line of study to choose and where they will shine. Some are confident of their choice and decision. Whereas many choose what their friends are choosing or their parents want them to choose. These people many at time at a later stage may regret their choice.

DMIT is thus the best to make a choice best suited to your characteristic and ability. A simple DMIT test will give you all the options and the best option also. All this suited to your ability, characteristic, interest and future growth.

DMIT is a boon to Parents are anxious about the younger ones who do not study or are rebellious. They go to best tuition but do not study.  They have somehow got through this year, to make them excel in the next year, a simple DMIT test which will when analyzed will give the details about how to handle your child, how to mould your child, what type of tuition to send them to, how will your child study and what you can do to see they excel in all areas of their life.

DMIT for Mid life career change?  This will help to decide the career best suited to your characteristic and ability.

All the above and much more!  IQ, EQ, SQ, ———–

After the test analysis will be done and a 45 page report will be given and 2 hours of counselling will be held to guide you through.

This report can be kept and referred to throughout one’s life for study and career issues.