About Me

alternate healing expert

Hi I am Anjana Bindlish,Thank you for visiting my blog. I graduated from Tamil Nadu Open University in 2012 in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have been researching on subjects like Alternate Healing, Bach remedies, Gem remedies, Neuro Linguistic Therapies, Gestalt Therapies,CBT, Mind Body healing, Herbs for healing, Affirmations for healing and Mudra Healing. I have been certified as a Master practitioner in Gestalt Therapies, Neuro Linguist Therapies and Bach Remedy Practitioner.

Alternate Healing Blog

My blog is all about Alternate methods of Healing. You can learn the following topics through my blog:
a. Herbs for healing
b. Bach Remedies
c. Neuro Linguist Programming (NLP) for healing
d. Gestalt method for healing
e.General Tips for healing
My hobbies are: reading, teaching and healing
I love to teach :NLP therapies, Stress Management, Gestalt Therapies, Time Management, Life Skills.

For any collaboration contact me at: anjanabindlish@gmail.com